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We strive to provide products that will help people live
We strive to provide products that will help people live
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Daily Nuts & Fruits is a mixed nuts food processor / snack manufacturer / co-packer located in Palmdale, California. We are capable of in-house dry-roasting, seasoning, mixing and packaging in a variety of sizes. We specialize in supplying nutritional and balanced single serve grab-and-go pouches filled with premium tree nuts and delicious dried fruits mixed together into amazing healthy snacks!

Our proprietary technique combined with our unique equipment allows us to meticulously measure and compose a single pack with a balanced amount of each ingredient. There is no guesswork involved as we tell you how much of each ingredient is in every pack. You are guaranteed to receive a precise amount of delicious premium tree nuts in each pack.

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What We Do


• Turn-Key (from design to packaging)
• Co-packing Services
• Private Labeling
• Single Serve Packaging
• 1.25 oz or Less / Max 8 Ingredients
• Bulk Packaging
• 3 OZ to 5 lb / Nitrogen Infused Packaging
• Dry-Roasting
• Un-Salted, No Oil Added, Or Sea Salted
• High Speed Vertical Seal Packaging
• Flavored Seasoning

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We adhere to the utmost quality standards processing all products in a SQF Certified, Gluten Free Certified, Peanut Free facility. Being strategically located in California, we locally source only premium grade ingredients from select growers.

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In-House Roasting

Roasting is an imperative component when producing mixed nuts. Just like coffee, tree nuts require different temperatures and times depending on the type of nut. Factors such as moisture levels make a big difference resulting in various outcomes.

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