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At Daily Nuts & Fruits we believe in the natural quality and flavor of our ingredients.

It all started with a passionate father who wanted better snacks for his kids. He began creating simple, down to earth, wholesome tree-nut based snacks that he could proudly share with his family and friends. He soon started Daily Nuts & Fruits and over the years his product line (and team) have grown steadily - mostly by word-of-mouth from loyal customers!  

At Daily Nuts & Fruits, we begin with the idea of creating healthy, convenient snacks for everyone to enjoy - from children to seniors - by selecting only the finest quality ingredients and perfecting our mixtures. We are 100% dedicated to providing nutritional packs containing the cleanest and healthiest ingredients possible to meet people's daily nutritional needs. As a result of our efforts, we have won the hearts - and taste buds - of people from all over the world.

We pride ourselves in delivering a real taste that you and your loved ones will enjoy!

We stay true to our slogan HEALTHIER EVERYDAY by making sure that our products have no GMO's or artificial additives. We also avoid adding excessive salt or seasonings and instead focus on developing the freshest, most nutritious, all-natural products possible. To help achieve this we strategically located ourselves in California near the world's best tree nut and dried fruit growers. We've built great relationships which allows us to procure the highest grade ingredients available.